SHINee Songs
Thursday, 30 May 2013 | 01:52
Hi ~ Comeback here again. Okay, the time right now is 4.00 pm in Malaysia, 2013,May 30 ~ Ahh, Twitter user is spazzing about EXO comeback. EXO stans becoming too patient person because the EXO MV is not coming out yet. But, I am here to share my SHINee songs that I have listened ^^ I think not of all SHINee song I heard, but I proud to be SHINee World, so hope everyone suggest me to listen another SHINee songs that I not list below. I beg you ~ ;-[ Oh yeahh, I heard that SHINee want to comeback again. Am I right ? Wow! SHINee daebak ! But I hope they get their rest well. SHINee, take care okay ^^

Song I have heard ~

*** My favourite song

SHINee Songs begin ~ ^^

-Get It

-Dangerous (Medusa 2)
-Dazzling Girl
-Dream Girl *** = Once realese this MV , Illi had showed me , and  I going crazy that time ^^
-Evil *** = My friend from Vietnam, Minon, love this song too much. And I keep listening.
-Excuse Me Miss
-Fly High
-Hello ***
-JoJo *** = My classmates that like Kpop not interest in SHINee , but the love this song so much ^^
-Like A Fire
- Punch Drunk Love
-Ready or Not =Make me always smile to SHINee
-Ring Ding Dong
-Run With Me ***
-Kiss, Kiss, Kiss *** = I don't know how to explain, I love this song too much ! So sweet ~
-SHINe (Medusa 1) *** = Nad, and I have a moment where we had listen together at our own home ^^
-Best Place
-Your Name = Onew wrote this song lyrics !!! Hehe XD
-Boy Meet Girl
-Electric Heart ***
-Forever or Never
-Hit Me
-Love Still Go On *** = Fall in love with this song once heard :)
-Love's Way

-Love Like Oxygen
-Senorita = Best song ever !
-To Your Heart
-Up & Down *** = Argghh ! Keep playing this song in my mind
-Keeping Love Again *** = Taemin love this song ^^
-A-Yo *** =  Once heard, I like it so much! Especially I watched SHINee play emotion on stage . Its cute~
-Stand by Me *** = My fav song ever, because this song I love SHINee, and my first kpop song I heard~
-Replay *** = SHINee first song, their debut song! When listen feel want to cry T.T
-The SHINee World *** = Intro for SHINee ! I like this ~
-Why So Serious
-Sleepless Night
-Aside *** = This is seriously my favourite song !!!!!!!!!!!! I love Onew voice here too much ~
-Shout Out
-Four Season
-Get Down
-In My Room
-Last Gift
-Hitchhiking = This also where I love SHINee too much, this to catchy !
-Talk To You
-One for Me
-Love Pain
-SHINee Girl ***

And I keep promise, to be SHINee World until I able ^^ SHINee, SHAWOL always love you. Thanks have been our SHINING PERSON in our heart :)

Listen to Leader ^^ SHINee <3

 Okay, bye bye everyone ^^

Thanks read ~~~